Final open day of Janus exhibition

This Saturday, 10th May, is the final day of the JANUS exhibition at Arts Central. It is open 2 – 4pm, and is also an opportunity to meet artists involved in the exhibition. This Saturday myself and Vilas Sirah will be there. Hope to see you there! For more details visit the Arts Central Meetup pageContinue reading “Final open day of Janus exhibition”

Upcoming group exhibition: ‘Janus’ at Arts Central

My new papercut work ‘That Time Could Take on Deformed Shapes as it Moved Ahead’ (detail pictured) will be exhibited in the upcoming ‘Janus’ exhibition at Arts Central in MK! The opening night is 3rd of April (next Thursday) from 7pm, so if you can make it then please come along – there will be the usual opening nightContinue reading “Upcoming group exhibition: ‘Janus’ at Arts Central”

‘Outside In’ participatory art project at Willen Hospice

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Ulka Karandikar at Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes to create a large three-part mural. I worked directly onto a temporary wall inside the hospice, which is up for the duration of the building work for the ‘Outside In’ building extension project. The images for theContinue reading “‘Outside In’ participatory art project at Willen Hospice”

Work featured in Prototype Magazine

I have work featured in the upcoming “Enchantment” issue of Prototype Magazine! Pre-order it HERE with the exclusive pre-order price. A feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual.’ “What do you find enchanting? Is it hallucinating, magical, a dream world, fairy tale or your place of calm or escape? prototype magazine has exploredContinue reading “Work featured in Prototype Magazine”

Painting in progress..

This week I’ve been painting again for the firs time in years! It’s been fun but also a bit of a challenge trying to work from the background forwards, as that’s pretty much the opposite from how I think when I’m drawing. The last time I painted it was from a completely different approach, styleContinue reading “Painting in progress..”

Enchantment submission for Prototype Magazine

 I have just submitted this to Prototype Magazine for their Enchantment issue. This was taken on my Holga camera at Janet’s Foss in Yorkshire.  Janet (or Jennet) was believed to be the queen of the fairies living at Janet’s Foss. Nearby to where this photograph was taken is a waterfall, which they are said toContinue reading “Enchantment submission for Prototype Magazine”