Work featured in Prototype Magazine

I have work featured in the upcoming “Enchantment” issue of Prototype Magazine! Pre-order it HERE with the exclusive pre-order price. A feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual.’ “What do you find enchanting? Is it hallucinating, magical, a dream world, fairy tale or your place of calm or escape? prototype magazine has exploredContinue reading “Work featured in Prototype Magazine”

Enchantment submission for Prototype Magazine

 I have just submitted this to Prototype Magazine for their Enchantment issue. This was taken on my Holga camera at Janet’s Foss in Yorkshire.  Janet (or Jennet) was believed to be the queen of the fairies living at Janet’s Foss. Nearby to where this photograph was taken is a waterfall, which they are said toContinue reading “Enchantment submission for Prototype Magazine”