‘Companion of Space’ – more info and reviews

Some information posted on the Art and Sacred Places website about FORMA’s recent performance at Winchester Cathedral: ” Comments: “The performance had a hypnotic effect – very powerful – beautiful movements. It reminded me of Anish Kapoor’s work” “A really great experience.” “A wonderful atmosphere of stillness.” Artwork: The ‘Companion of Space’ was created especiallyContinue reading “‘Companion of Space’ – more info and reviews”

‘Companion of Space’ performance by FORMA at Winchester Cathedral

This week, FORMA (artists Bernadita Croxatto, Emma Dixon, Kimvi Nguyen, and Andrea Willette) performed ‘Companion of Space’ at Winchester Cathedral, as part of the ’10 Days Across the City Festival’. With kind support from Art and Sacred Places, and photography by Andy Reaney.