New Home watercolour card

I painted this greetings card back in June for a relative who had just moved house.

I spent most of my time on the sketch, taking time to be very precise with the ratios and details on the door. I then decided to keep the watercolour quite loose and minimal in contrast as I wanted to keep the watercolour feel, and I was really happy with how this turned out.

I made the painting on cold press watercolour paper. After I finished the painting I cut the paper down into a square and stuck it onto a blank greetings card, as painting directly onto the greetings card would have made it wrinkle. I cut the watercolour paper slightly smaller than the folded card so that it would be framed by the edge of the card behind.

The writing at the top of the card balanced it out – I wanted to included the moving date for a personalised touch so that it can be kept as a little memento.

You can tell from how fresh the paint palette is in the second image that I had just started painting again! I used to love making cards for loved ones when I was younger, so it was really lovely to start painting and making special cards again.

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